Sneem Black Pudding Kebabs – Are A Big Hit In Blackrock!

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Doing things differently on a menu isn’t just about coming up with something unique and incredibly tasty, it’s most importantly making sure that your customers love what you’ve created.

“Our new Sneem Black Pudding Kebabs are certainly getting a whole lot of loving down here in Blackrock”.

When they hit the takeaway menu 2 weeks ago we noticed that they were immediately snapped up by eager lockdowner’s looking for some wow factor in their carry out.

Week 2 followed and we watched as the Sneem Kebabs flew out the door making it a top tip to join the ranks of The Salmon’s Pepperoni Pizza as a firm Blackrock favourite.

Here’s what makes this Super Kebab so Super!

Sneem black pudding, red onion, spinach,
mozzarella, sour cream black pepper & rolled in
cracked North African style bread with an olive
oil drizzle: & sweet chilli sauce & garlic mayo side,

– phew!