Free Aperol Spritz With Every Pizza Order This Friday Night

Italian Sausage Pizza at The Leaping Salmon

Whether you’re craving our succulent Italian Sausage Pizza (Mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola, red onion, Italian sausage, mushrooms) or looking to try our signature Leaping Salmon creation (black pepper & garlic, mozzarella cheese, smoked salmon, sprinkle of red onion, capers, rocket, cherry tomato and lemon creme), we have something special for you this Friday the 25th January.

We are giving away a glass of Aperol Spritz, the perfect tipple to enjoy with your pizza.

How it works? Just grab some friends and head for The Leaping Salmon in Blackrock, order any pizza from our menu and a hot tall gent will magically arrive with your Aperol Spritz.